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Gold and White Balloons

About Us

Ezzence Unique Event & Balloon is a leader in the balloon décor and event décor fields in the North Florida Region. Balloon Décor, Custom Décor, Event Rentals and Event Services are provided on a daily basis to clients ranging from large corporations to individuals who need to send a simple balloon bouquet. We also offer balloons to a range of marketing firms, small scale balloon designers, car dealerships, small businesses, large companies and individuals. In 2019 Ezzence Unique Event & Balloon introduced an elite Event Planning Brand: Event Visions. 

Please read more about our dedicated team below.



Angela Ross, CBA, CSEP and President of Ezzence Unique Event & Balloon Design

With a passion for celebrating people and their special occasions, Angela Ross, owner of Ezzence Unique Event & Balloon, is committed to producing the most noteworthy and memorable events. Angela background is in design, and she loves to make a client’s vision a reality of her company; Angela says, “We create works of art that we are proud to have our signature on our ideas are fresh and new. Our Certified Balloon Artists and Certified Special Event Planners have gone through training on color and design and can transform a room.” 
Angela goal is to continue to satisfy and awe our customers while saving them time and money. We understand that many events only come once in a lifetime and have an immeasurable impact and importance.

Darrick Ross, Vice President of Ezzence Unique Event & Balloon

Darrick Ross, co-owner of Ezzence Unique Event & Balloon is proudly part of the dynamic team of the sale marketing and production of Ezzence Unique Event & Balloon. Darrick is beloved by his team and regarded as a patient teacher, a kind leader, and a man who inspires loyalty. Darrick’s goal is to have his company provide superior service in all facets of balloon design and event planning.

Balloons Hanging in the Street
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